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How to Correctly Choose Linear Guide Rail

The function of the linear guide is to support and guide the moving parts to perform reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. In order to use the right type of linear guide for the right occasion, it is necessary for the design engineer to understand the advantages and capabilities of different guides, so as to make a reasonable choice.

It is used in conjunction with a linear bearing and a linear shaft. It is cylindrical in appearance and can be assembled into a circular hole. At the same time, the linear bearing can also be used with the slider to realize plane installation. The installation and use of circular guide rails are more convenient and space-saving.

It is used in conjunction with a square slider and a square rail, which is square in appearance. Considering the friction and load bearing capacity, the square guide rail is the friction between the guide rail and the slider surface, the friction force is large, the load is uniform, and it needs to be lubricated frequently.

For the selection of circular guide rails and square guide rails, it is mainly considered from several factors such as load, accuracy, rigidity, and smoothness. Typical applications for square rails are in the machine tool industry where higher load capacity, rigidity and accuracy are required. However, after meeting the above conditions, it is difficult to meet other requirements, such as high installation requirements, high upfront costs, and high maintenance costs. In this respect, circular guide rails have their advantages and can still run smoothly when installed on surfaces with less than smooth flatness. Round rails generally allow for faster installation and smoother operation than square rails.

In summary, how to choose should be based on actual needs, and it is a good plan to choose the right one.

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