Ball Linear Guide Features

Ball linear guide is a kind of linear guide with rolling parts as rollers, so what are the characteristics of this kind of linear guide? How is it different from other types of linear guides? Now I will tell you about the ball linear guide features:

1. Strong load capacity

The ball is a rolling part, its load capacity is weaker than that of the roller, but its load capacity can also be larger.

2. High precision

The precision of the ball linear guide is higher than that of the roller linear guide of the same type, which is its characteristic.

3. The maintenance cost is higher

When the balls are damaged, it is necessary to consider replacing the entire set of balls, otherwise failures are likely to occur, while the rollers and roller linear guides do not need to be completely replaced.

4. Long service life

After relevant technical treatment, grinding technology, etc., it has a long service life and is suitable for use in industrial environments.

5. High rigidity

The contact between the steel ball and the groove is better, and the rotation is smoother. Adding proper pre-pressure can eliminate the axial clearance to a certain extent, so the rigidity is better, the deformation is reduced, and the accuracy is provided.

In a word, the characteristic of the linear ball guide is that the load capacity is weaker, but the precision is high, but it is worth noting that these need to be compared under the same model specifications. With the continuous improvement of products by the linear guideway manufacturers, the roller linear guideway can also reach the relevant accuracy level.

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