Six Principles of Linear Guide Locking

When using linear guides, some friends who are new to this kind of linear guides may find that a strange phenomenon is that the guide rails are locked. You may not be able to figure out the situation for a while. Here I will introduce the six principles of linear guide slider locking:

1. Slider locking principle 1: locking screw locking

Some guide rails are equipped with locking components on the slider, which are installed at both ends of the slider, and can be locked at the position where the slider moves so that the cylindrical linear guide is locked. This is a normal function, nothing to worry about, if you need to get back to normal, just open the locking screw.

2. Slider locking principle 2: Cylinder clamping

 There is a so-called cylinder clamping device, which can also lock the guide rail, and can easily control the locking and opening state.

3. Slider locking principle 3: Clamp

The linear guide rail clamp is a linear guide rail lock, which is a way to clamp the guide rail by increasing the air pressure expansion to tighten the slider.

4. Slider locking principle 4: locking block

A single locking slider that provides locking function.

5. Slider locking principle 5: with self-locking function

There are some models of cylindrical linear guides that have their own locking function without additional installation.

6. Slider locking principle 6: The guide rail is damaged

If the linear guide rail is used and maintained abnormally for a long time, the guide rail and the slider will be seriously damaged and cannot be used normally. The cylindrical rolling parts inside will be stuck and will also be locked. In this case, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

In short, there are many reasons for the locking of linear guide sliders, but most of them are normal locking functions, so don’t worry too much. Rarely, the guide rail is damaged and cannot be used, and a new guide rail needs to be replaced or repaired!

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