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Working Principle of Linear Module

The linear module is a kind of linear guide with certain automation ability. Many friends feel that it is very wonderful, but it is not what everyone imagines. As long as we understand the working principle of the linear module, it is not difficult. Now I will introduce the working principle of the linear module to you:

Before talking about the working principle of linear modules, we must first find out what linear modules are. Its essence is an upgraded version of the linear guide, which is an automated linear guide. It is called by many, as follows:
a. Linear modules (Taiwan Province is used to say linear modules, mainland China likes to say linear modules)
b. Cartesian coordinate robot
c. Linear slide table
d. Linear motion module
e. Linear motion unit

Popular understanding of the working principle of linear modules

It is to add some units to the original mechanical linear guide, among which the added drive unit is its characteristic. These drive units, such as a typical linear motor, can drive the guide to perform some automatic operations to realize the curve and linear motion of the load, but this The load of the linear modules is not too high.


The linear module is a highly integrated transmission platform. It is based on the linear guide and has made some automation upgrades. Generally, it can be driven by a DC servo motor, and the linear guide slider and the linear guide slide are integrated together. , The structure of the linear module is compact and takes up less space.


The slide base and shell of some linear modules are usually made of high-strength aluminum alloy, while the guide rail part is made of high-quality steel, and the guide rail and base of the original linear guide are integrated together.


The groove part of the guide rail of the module can usually be designed with a two-row Gothic structure and a linear module with a contact angle of 45° so that the module can balance the force in four directions at the same time, and the pre-designed balls increase the preload. Corresponding guide rail accuracy and rigidity can be achieved. In addition, the product is sealed with a flexible stainless steel belt, and the overall sealing and dustproof performance is good.

The working principle of different linear modules

At present, the mainstream linear modules are synchronous belt linear modules and ball screw linear modules. The working principles of them are described below:

a. Working principle of synchronous belt type linear module
Composition: belt, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch.
Working principle: The linear module connects the belt, the belt connects the parts on the equipment that need mechanical movement, and the belt becomes a power transmission tool.
b. Working principle of ball screw linear module
Composition: ball screw, linear guide, aluminum alloy, ball screw pair, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch.
Working principle: The function of the ball screw linear module is to convert rotary motion into linear motion.

In short, the above is the working principle of the linear module. It is worth noting that the linear module is also called a linear module, a Cartesian coordinate robot, and a linear slide. According to the drive mode, it can be divided into three categories: belt type, ball screw and linear motor, but the basic working principle is the same!

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