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Seven Considerations for Linear Module Selection

There are many types of linear modules, and there are quite a lot of dimensions. For example, according to whether they are sealed or not, they can be divided into sealed and dust-proof linear modules and semi-closed linear modules. According to the specific requirements for the size and specification of the linear module, there are quite a few parameter indicators, so the selection of the linear module is skillful. Here I have sorted out seven considerations for the selection of linear modules for your reference:

1. Vibration resistance and stability

The precision linear modules and heavy-duty linear modules used, these types of modules require higher vibration resistance and stability, one is high precision requirements, and the other is that there may be vibration and large external forces in the use environment.

2. Stiffness

Rigidity is an index, and linear module accuracy and rigidity also have a certain relationship. Improving rigidity can be considered from various aspects such as materials used and preload.

3. Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy

4. Accuracy retention

Linear modules have precision levels, and the prices of linear modules of different levels are different. It is more important to choose the accuracy of the corresponding level, otherwise either the accuracy is too low and cannot meet the requirements of use, or the accuracy is too high and the cost is wasted.

5. Guiding accuracy

Guidance accuracy is only one of the linear guide accuracy.

6. Movement stability

Smooth motion is a basic requirement, which may have some relationship with the installation accuracy, but also with the linear module itself, and lubrication, vibration, external forces are related to various aspects.

7. Selection of motor

Different brands of linear modules will have their own use of motor, this look at the use of what linear module brand has been determined the use of motor.

In short, different usage scenarios require different modules, so there are many aspects that deserve attention in the selection of linear modules. The above seven points are the precautions for the selection of common linear modules. If you are not familiar with linear guide rails, you can communicate directly with the linear module manufacturer before selecting the model. If the existing linear module model cannot meet the requirements, it may need to be customized.

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