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Basic Knowledge of Linear Guides

Linear guides are used to support and guide moving parts for linear reciprocating motion, which can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load conditions, and have a higher rated load than linear bearings. The feature is that it can move briskly without gaps when working, and can bear a certain torque at the same time, which is suitable for a variety of working environments and can maintain high precision for a long time.

Linear Guide rail material:

Sliding block material is generally divided into carbon steel and stainless steel two materials, (in corrosion-resistant places, should be used stainless steel linear guide) .

The common surface treatment of carbon steel linear guide is as follows:

  1. Low temperature black chrome plating treatment (black surface, similar to blackening treatment) has lower cost and higher corrosion resistance than stainless steel;
  2. Chrome-plated, the surface coating film has high hardness and excellent wear resistance.

Precision grade of linear guide:

The precision grade of linear guide rail is divided into ordinary class (C), advanced class (H), Precision Class (P), ultra-precision Class (SP), and the top class (UP). The different precision grade directly results in the difference of the combined height H, width N and the running parallelism error of the linear guideway. General use of the occasion to select ordinary, advanced can meet the needs.

Clearance and preloading of linear guides:

The clearance and preloading of linear guide rail directly affect the rigidity of linear guide rail.
Clearance: The gap between slider, rail and steel ball.
Preloading: preloading the steel ball load force (increase the ball diameter) using the steel ball and the negative gap between the track to preloading. Improve rigidity and eliminate clearance. The preloading grade is divided into light preloading (Z0), moderate preloading (ZA) and heavy preloading (ZB).

The application is as follows:

Light preloading (Z0): minimal vibration, good load balance, light and precise movement.
Moderate preloading (ZA): moderate vibration, withstand moderate external suspension load.
Heavy preloading (ZB): with vibration and impact, to bear the heavy load of external suspension.

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