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Selection points of Joint bearings

Joint bearings is a mechanical component used to fix two parts, and its spherical sliding structure has the function of allowing relative displacement of two parts.

It consists of a threaded cage, a spherical inner ring with holes and a bushing located between the cage and the spherical inner ring.
The jointed bearing has both an external and internal threaded cage structure, which is selected accordingly to the specific application.
The sliding between the spherical inner ring and the bushing allows the two components to move relative to each other within a certain range.
Relative movement refers to the tilt and rotation of the shaft hole of the spherical inner ring.

Components can be fastened to each other using a spherical inner ring with holes and set screws.
The dimensions of spherical plain bearings used vary according to the axial load carried..

The following points must be considered when using spherical plain bearings:
When fixing each component, the error of the fixed position of the two components can be absorbed by the sliding movement between the spherical inner ring and the bushing.
This sliding motion is the rotation and tilt of the shaft hole due to the spherical surface.
Neither sliding motion is suitable for continuous movement under load conditions.
When fixing each part, use it within the movable range of the spherical plain bearing.

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