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TBR Linear Guide Rail CNC Guide

The TBR open type linear bearing housing is an open, single-length metric version. The LM-OP open type linear bearing or the KB-OP open type linear bearing is installed in the outer casing. The straight line is adjusted due to the adjustment gap on the bearing housing. The bearing installation is easier. The advantages of linear bushings include less tilt or friction, which results in less wear and better machining results over time.

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Certificate: ISO9001:2015
Delivery time: 3-7 days if it is in stock, 15-30 days if not in stock, according to the quantity
Features: Light weight; Large load; High precision
Application: Aluminum rail is widely applied in CNC machine, grinding machine, milling machines, lathes, drilling machine, and comprehensive processing machines, discharge manufacturing machine, boring machine, line cutting machine, precise measurement instrument, woodworking machinery, handling machine, and the shipping device

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