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SGR and LGD type Linear Guide Rail with Blocks

It‘s divided into two categories. They are built-in double-shaft linear guides, also called inner slides. In the series, the slider is in the guide rail’s inner part, namely the SGR series double-axle guide rail.
the external double-shaft linear guide rail, also called the outer slide guide rail, the slider is on the outside of the guide rail, namely the OSG series double-axle guide rail or LGD series double-axle guide rail.

Additional information


SGR Type Linear Guides


Aluminum Alloy


Original Packing, Neutral Packing or Customized Packing


Standard or OEM

1. Adjustable preload
2. Eccentric nut design
3. Easy adjustment, up to zero clearance
4. The linear rails can replace the base surface installation, the old wear parts (rails and blocks) can be replaced, and reduce costs.
5. The roller wheels design is suitable for high dust situations and high speed. Low noise and other features.
6. Highly repeatable positioning accuracy, high parallel accuracy, and error of plus or minus 0.02mm.
7. the linear rails and carriages can be changed easily, and reduce material costs, reduce product prices, reduce product replacement costs and time.

Linear Roller guide rail and blocks (SGR and LGD series)
SGR series includes
SGR10 (with blocks SGB10-3 wheels, SGB10-4 wheels, SGB10-5 wheels)
SGR10N (with blocks SGB10N-3 wheels, SGB10N-4 wheels, SGB10N-5 wheels)
SGR15 (with blocks SGB15-3 wheels, SGB15-4 wheels, SGB15-5 wheels)
SGR15N (with blocks SGB15N-3 wheels, SGB15N-4 wheels, SGB15N-5 wheels)
SGR20 (with blocks SGB20-3 wheels, SGB20-4 wheels, SGB20-5 wheels)
SGR20N (with blocks SGB20N-3 wheels, SGB20N-4 wheels, SGB20N-5 wheels)
SGR25 (with blocks SGB25-3 wheels, SGB25-4 wheels, SGB25-5 wheels)
SGR35 (with blocks SGB35-3 wheels, SGB35-4 wheels, SGB35-5 wheels)

LGD series includes
LGD6 (with blocks LGD6-L60-4wheels, LGD6-L100-4wheels)
LGD8 rail (with blocks LGD8-L70-4wheels, LGD8-L100-4wheels, LGD8-L100-6wheels)
LGD12 rail (with blocks LGD12-L60-2wheels, LGD12-L100-4wheels, LGD12-L100-6wheels, LGD12-L140-4wheels, LGD12-L140-6wheels, LGD12-L160-6wheels, LGD12-L160-8wheels)
LGD16 rail (with blocks LGD16-L150-4wheels, LGD16-L150-6wheels,LGD16-L190-4wheels, LGD16-L190-6wheels)

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