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HIWIN EGH-CA Series Linear Guides

The design of the EG series offers a low profile, high load capacity, and high rigidity. It also features an equal load
rating in all four directions and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error, allowing for higher accuracies.
Additionally, the lower assembly height and the shorter length make the EG series more suitable for high-speed,
automation machines and applications where space is limited.
The retainer is designed to hold the balls in the block even when it is removed from the rail.

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Certificate: ISO9001:2015
Delivery time: 3-7 days if it is in stock, 15-30 days if not in stock, according to the quantity
Feature 1: The adjacent balls of the resin cage do not contact each other, so the noise is low during high-speed operation.
Feature 2: Because the ball has its own rolling groove, the force on the rolling surface will be dispersed, so it has a larger allowable load.
Feature 3: Because of the point-surface rolling contact, the frictional resistance is very small, and it is not easy to be deformed by heat, so it is suitable for high-speed motion.
Application: Widely used in home appliances, industrial, electric motors, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, textile machinery, auto parts, pumps, automotive and digital stereo engraving equipment or special machinery industry.

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